What are the essential accessories for your child's return to school ?

As the new school year approaches, excitement and preparations are in full swing. Investing in the right accessories can make all the difference to a successful return to school. From 3D gel pen parts to stylish backpacks, find out how these must-haves add a touch of creativity, comfort and organisation to your child's daily routine. Get ready to turn every school day into an exciting adventure with these smart accessory choices.

3D gel pen parts : giving free rein to creativity

The components of 3D gel pens bring a playful dimension to note-taking, and you can view it now on the site. They offer a unique writing experience that stimulates children's creativity while making learning more captivating. By choosing bright colours, you can get your child excited about lessons. This creates an environment conducive to concentration and commitment. 

These pens are not just ordinary writing tools, but become interactive companions. They add a dose of fun to every stroke. Choose vibrant shades to energise learning sessions. This will turn simple note-taking into a lively and colourful educational experience.

Plush pencil case or plain canvas pencil case : combining comfort and practicality

A pencil case is more than just a receptacle, it's also the embodiment of your child's individual style. Plush cases have a pleasant feel to them, while plain canvas cases combine simplicity and functionality. Choose the one that best reflects your child's unique personality. 

Deciding on the ideal kit becomes an opportunity to showcase your child's preferences and character. The soft texture of plush kits invites comfort, while the streamlined look of canvas kits reflects a practical approach. The choice is part of a wider approach, that of allowing your child to express himself through the objects that accompany him every day.

Silicone animal bag or Minnie backpack with polka dots : Carrying supplies in style

The school bag remains a constant ally throughout the school year. For a playful touch, opt for a silicone bag in the shape of an animal. This model adds a touch of fantasy to every learning day. If timeless elegance is your choice, opt for a Minnie backpack with polka dots, synonymous with classic style. Make sure the bag has plenty of space for books, notebooks and other essential supplies. This can ensure optimum organisation. Selecting the perfect bag is particularly important for everyday school life, combining practicality, aesthetics and functionality.

Ultra-light modelling clay : a creative break between lessons

Extremely light modelling clay is a pleasant creative interlude when you're relaxing at school. Encourage your child to explore their imagination by bringing unique shapes to life through modelling. This activity not only provides entertainment, it also stimulates the development of fine motor skills. 

By providing a space where children can freely express their ideas, modelling clay becomes a fun and educational tool. The soft, malleable textures of the dough provide an enriching sensory experience. This strengthens the connection between creativity and physical development. Introducing this activity into your child's daily life can help cultivate an artistic spirit while fostering essential motor skills.

Rubber erasers : erasing mistakes gently

Rubber erasers are an essential part of every pupil's school equipment. Opt for playful or colourful designs to add a touch of fun to your child's daily life. Make sure you have enough supplies to cover the whole school year. These simple but essential accessories are not limited to their primary function of erasing. They also become expressive and fun elements. By incorporating attractive erasers, you encourage a positive attitude to learning. You're also giving your child the chance to express their personality through tools as modest as rubber erasers.

Pencil case with double compartment : optimum organisation

The pencil case has two compartments, providing efficient organisation for pens, pencils and other supplies. This layout makes it easy to find the items you need quickly during lessons, so your child can make the most of their time. Foster a sense of responsibility by encouraging them to keep their pencil case in order, reinforcing their organisational skills. 

By instilling this habit, you're helping them develop the ability to manage their affairs independently. A tidy kit is not only practical in everyday life, it also teaches important values related to discipline and preparation. These are essential elements for lasting success at school.

Pencil sharpener in the shape of a smartphone : a touch of originality

Turn the ordinary act of sharpening pencils into a fun experience with an innovative pencil sharpener in the shape of a smartphone. This original touch will add a touch of fun to your child's daily school routine. More than just a tool, this pencil sharpener is an ingenious fusion of utility and fun. It stimulates your child's interest in school tasks. 

Imagine the excitement that will accompany each sharpening, transforming the mundane into a creative exploration. Not only does this accessory add a dose of fantasy to education, it also sparks curiosity and enthusiasm. It turns a routine activity into a fun and educational adventure. So every school day becomes an opportunity for your child to explore the world with a tool that's as practical as it is captivating.

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