What are the different styles of clothing in fashion today ?

Fashion is a constantly evolving art form, and today it offers a wide range of clothing styles. From retro Y2K to minimalist trends and bohemian charm, there's a style for everyone. This diversity reflects each person's individuality and preferences. In this article, you'll explore in detail the different currents that define contemporary fashion, offering an insight into current trends.

Y2K and streetwear

The Y2K style celebrates the aesthetic of the 1990s and early 2000s. This movement is characterised by iconic fashion elements. These include mini-skirts, crop-tops, shimmering fabrics and bold accessories that evoke a memorable era. Streetwear, on the other hand, is heavily influenced by urban culture and streetwear, and adopts an entirely different look.

It is characterised by the frequent use of hoodies, branded trainers and bold graphic prints. It's also marked by a laid-back attitude that captures the essence of the streets. These two styles, though different, each embody a particular era and culture. In this way, they contribute to the richness and diversity of contemporary fashion.


When it comes to fashion, minimalism is based on simplicity and functionality as fundamental values. Minimalist clothing is characterised by clean lines, neutral colours and the use of high-quality materials. This style emphasises quality over quantity, favouring timeless, versatile pieces. It seeks to eliminate the superfluous in order to highlight the essential, emphasising understated elegance and efficiency. By opting for minimalism, followers of this style express a preference for clothes that last over time.


Bohemian style embodies a spirit of freedom and nonchalance. It transports anyone who adopts it to a world of long dresses, floral patterns, ethnic accessories and flowing textiles. Aficionados of this look aspire to weave a romantic yet relaxed atmosphere through their choice of clothing. Feminine silhouettes proudly wear long dresses with graceful movements, adorned with floral motifs that celebrate nature.

Ethnic accessories, such as beaded necklaces and handcrafted bracelets, add a touch of authenticity. Fluid materials, such as silk and linen, caress the skin and leave an impression of lightness. The ensemble exudes a bohemian atmosphere, imbued with an escape into a world of self-expression and relaxed femininity.


Vintage fashion transcends time by celebrating pieces of clothing from the past or inspired by decades gone by. There is a particular affection for the 70s, 80s and 90s. These treasures from the past evoke an elegant nostalgia and inimitable authenticity, attracting fashion lovers from all over the world. 

Steeped in a rich and often unique history, vintage clothing has the ability to tell silent tales of the past. Their appeal lies in their timelessness, as they continue to inspire new generations of fashionistas while preserving the charm of bygone eras.


The sporty style is characterised by its emphasis on comfort and functionality. It draws its inspiration from the world of sportswear, such as tracksuits, leggings, trainers and technical materials. This major fashion trend cleverly merges well-being and style. It creates the perfect balance between a relaxed look and performance. Sportswear offers unrivalled freedom of movement, while showcasing modern, dynamic designs.

Trainers, once reserved for exercise, have become a style icon in their own right. Technical materials add a touch of futurism and versatility. Sporty style embodies a modern approach to fashion, where dynamism and comfort combine to create a contemporary look. It's a look for today's active lifestyle.


The classic style is timeless and embodies an elegance that endures through the ages. It is characterised by perfectly tailored clothes, sober colours and basic pieces designed with exceptional quality. These classic garments are synonymous with understated elegance, and their versatility makes them suitable for a multitude of occasions. The impeccable cuts enhance the silhouette, creating a sophisticated, timeless look.

Neutral colours such as black, white, grey and beige are favoured for their timeless refinement. High-quality materials ensure unrivalled comfort and durability. Classic style is a real investment in time, because these essential pieces are always at the cutting edge of elegance. You can wear it to the office, to special events or in everyday life.


The eclectic style is a bold choice of clothing. It is distinguished by its ability to fuse different styles and patterns in a harmonious and original way. It is characterised by the ability to mix heterogeneous elements to create a unique look. Eclecticism allows you to experiment by combining clothes from different eras, cultures and fashion influences. Followers of this style like to defy convention by layering unusual pieces. In this way, they create unexpected and captivating combinations.

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